About me


"My Background"

I was born in the black forrest, raised in Los Angeles and schooled at the lake of constance.
During school I started working as a stagehand. Although I studied for a bit, the event industry has always accompanied me and I did my first tour in 2014. The one thing I knew then, was that this was what I want to do for life. I was drawn to the lighting department and became a lighting technician. But it didn’t take long for the fascination for rigging to catch up with me. After getting my rigging license in 2019 nothing could hold me back and I started climbing the biggest stages I could possibly find.

In 2021 I became a father and decided to no longer live in nightliners or on my motorbike. With the changes parenthood brings, I now am a successful and happy rigger based in Zürich.

"My daily Business at Hallenstadion"

I am happy and proud to call myself a part of the Hasta crew. When I started working in the Hallenstadion for Habegger, I learned a lot about stadium rigging.
Doing it the classic way, I started by laying out steel and putting together bridles.

Then I made my way into the roof, where I still have some amazing times with the other rope monkeys. Nowadays I am also grounding quite a lot, as I have successfully learned spotting and grounding after the pandemic.
The Hallenstadion is a very easy to rigg venue and rigging is managed excellently by Daniel Cescato. We are one of the fastest crews in Europe and even though some call us arrogant, having a beer with our old grumpy boys will prove the opposite.

"My daily Business at the Hall"

In 2022 I started working in the Hall in Dübendorf. I was able to „score“ this venue as a head rigger. It is an amazing opportunity to be part of this venue.
The communication with tours, planning with Vektorworks and booking the crew is something I really enjoy. The work on sight feels like what I have always wanted. I am very lucky to have such amazing colleagues and friends that rock these shows with me.

"Electrician on movie sets"

In 2016 I was introduced to Raphael Toel, an extraordinary gaffer and close friend. He started booking me for Swiss commercials and TV shows.
During covid the movie industry saved me from working on solar construction sites.
Over the past years I had the chance to work on set of two „Tatort“ films and the Hollywood blockbuster „Uncharted.“

"Becoming a stage manager"

On behalf of „Event AG“, I am frequently deployed in THE HALL as stage manager and technical director. As a stage manager I am able to work very closely with productions. Troubleshooting and managing chaotic situations on and around stages is very fulfilling.
I might look closer into this job in the future, as the saying goes „you never know and always grow.“